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Welcome to The Team Venus

Press Release

Rules and Regulations

1. Venusain Marketing India Pvt Ltd ("The Team Venus") is incorporated under Company Act, 2013; and its registered office is at 1, 2nd Floor, Ganga Palace, Sec. – 20 B, Near Ajronda Chowk, Faridabad, Haryana.

2. The Team Venus is in Direct Selling Business of Herbal Products, under various categories like Health Care, Home Care, Beauty Care, Personal Care, and Daily Consumable Products.

3. Any person above 18 years can join The Team Venus, and can do the business with wide range of The Team Venus products.

4. After becoming Business Advisor (BA) in The Team Venus, BA can start making The Team Venus business by purchasing Venusain Products on Discounted Rates and sell it to others and by Sponsoring People. All the Venusian Products are assigned with Point Value (PV). All Bonuses and commissions are calculated on Point Value generated by purchase of BA and/or his/her team.

5. To join Team Venus, all you need is an investment of Rs. 1250/2500/5000/7500.

6. It is mandatory to be sponsored by any other working BA to become The Team Venus Business Advisor.

7. To become BA you can apply online on company’s website

8. Anyone can become BA by submitting online/offline application & by verifying O.T.P. sent to his/her mobile. Only one Registration can be done from one registered mobile.

9. To get income from The Team Venus Business, BA have to complete KYC Documents such as Passport Size Photo, Adhar Number, Pan Number, and Copy of Bank Passbook or cancelled Cheque. BA will not get any commission with submitting KYC Documents.

10. The Team Venus reserves the rights to accept or reject any application without giving any reason.

11. BA is not an agent, employee, partner or legal representative of company. BA works as an Independent Direct Seller.

12.  Every BA when he/she starts The Team Venus Business should study the information available on the company’s website & available literature. Each BA should have full knowledge and details about Company, Products and Business Plan before giving information to others.

13. It is compulsory for new BA to attend training seminar to understand direct selling business, method of earning income, and expected income.

14. Every BA must work with honesty and truth, while presenting the opportunity of The Team Venus Business & while promoting Venusian Products, any BA should not make false claims regarding business opportunities, products, income & business and do not Pressurize to make any kind of purchase during the promotion of business & products.

15. Resignation from ID –

I. To resign, BA should give written application with valid reason for resigning.

II. After resigning from ID, no person will have any claim or right to get income, gifts & prizes on that ID.

III. The Bonuses & Point Value (PV) of the resigning BA’s will be adjusted with up lines. However the achieved  level by those Point Values will remain intact.

IV. Products purchased by BA will not be returned in any condition

16.  About Income From The Team Venus  Business

I. The income/commission made in The Team Venus business is transferred to the bank account only. Therefore it is mandatory to provide bank details to get income.

II. On the unfortunate death of an BA, the business of that BA & the profit from the business will be transferred to the ‘Co-applicant/Nominee/Legal Heir appointed by Court’.

III. The working and co-operation of BA’s is The Team Venus’s real power, so to honor &  encourage our BA’s hard work, The Team Venus announced time to time gifts & awards for BAs. To receive these gifts & awards, the BA has to qualify the conditions announced by the company.

IV. Achieved gifts or awards can be claim within 3 months from the achieved month. Upon completion of a fixed 6 month period, no claim or application for gifts or rewards will be accepted.

V. Any Associate who has qualified for any gift/tour will not get any other gift/cash in exchange.

VI. Cash or other kind of exchange will not be given against achieved gifts or awards.

VII. The Team Venus organizes many Tours from time to time for the qualified BAs. If BA can’t avail the tour for some reason then no other tour or cash or other gift will be given instead. At the time of foreign tours, if BA’s visa application is cancelled/rejected by any Embassy or any other ground, then The Team Venus will not be responsible for the same & shall not be liable to compensate the BA.

VIII. The commission from The Team Venus. is released to BA after deducting TDS according to the Income Tax Act and the rules. For this, it is mandatory for BA to give PAN number. If BA does not provide PAN number, then as per government rules commission will be paid after 25th date of that month and after calculating 20% tax (TDS)(or such higher percentage as may be stipulated under the Income Tax Act and the Rules).

IX. If an BA does not give PAN number & his/her income is calculated by 20 percent tax, neither he will be able to get back his tax, nor will the Company release the Form-16-A.

X. It is mandatory for BA to maintain complete & accurate account of each sale in accordance with the prescribed law and order (Proper book of accounts), e.g. details of  products, prices, taxes and quantity.

XI. An BA will be responsible to comply with all the local, state and national laws and will be liable to pay all the local, state and national taxes and fees.

XII. Only one BA can work on one ID. Married couple (Husband & Wife) is considered to be the same person. So husband and wife cannot work as separate BAs on their different IDs.

XIII. If two active BAs marry each other then – Husband & Wife can work separately on their separate IDs. If both husband & wife want to work together on the same ID then one of the husband or wife must be resign from his/her ID.

XIV. The associate who is joined with The Team Venus, he or his parents and his sons & daughters can’t be associate with any other group. Brothers, Sisters and married daughters are considered as separate families, so they can join any other group, but it has not been malicious.

XV. It is not valid to give permission to any friend or relative to do business on your ID and no BA can work on ID of his/her friend, relative or any other person.

XVI. If ID of any BA is active in the company, then he/she can’t rejoin with any other sponsor.

XVII. If any BA with active ID joins again with any other sponsor then his/her new ID will be deleted, and the whole team made by that BA will be given to new sponsor.

XVIII. If any BA is found guilty then the company reserves the right to stop his/her bonuses & commissions & cancel the ID till settlement.

XIX. No BA is bound to buy more products and business support material than needed and no BA should force to any other person to do the same.

XX. No BA should engage in any kind of wrong or illegal activity or business against Central/State or Local Law and Regulations.

17.  All copyrights are reserved

1. The copyrights of all the Printing Materials, Signs, Logos, Slogans and Marks are reserved by the Company.

2. No BA or any other person has the right to reprint whole or part of any published content, without the prior written permission of The Team Venus.

3. No BA can use sign or mark of The Team Venus. No BA can re-pack any of the The Team Venus products and can’t change the sign, mark etc.

18. Regarding Advertising & Social Media – 

1. At the time of joining, misinformation, misrepresenting business and work against the Code of Ethics is not allowed.

2. Any BA who is doing The Team Venus business can advertise in print media or social media about The Team Venus business & products. The BA must get prior written permission from the The Team Venus before giving any Advertisement in any media.

3. The BA will be responsible for Wrong, misleading or false information in advertisement and the damages/fines due to it.

4. BA can’t open Bank Account on company name and can’t incur any liabilities or debt or enter into any contract in the name or on behalf of the Company.

5. If any BA is found guilty of such an act, his/her ID will be terminated with immediate effects and all his/her income will be confiscated and his/her team will be given to his/her up line.

6. If any BA wants to organize a seminar or install a canopy or stall to exhibit or promote the products of company, then BA will have the responsibility of obtaining the required permission for the same from the related Government Department or appropriate authorities.

7. If an BA wants to place Ayurvedic Camps at some place, then it is mandatory to have a Certified/Registered Doctor for the examination and suggestion in that camp.

8. The Products of The Team Venus can’t be sold to any person / customer / user other than BA, at a lower price than MRP.

9. BA should not sell or buy products on credit, all transaction must be always in cash. If any BA goes with credit, then he/she will be solely responsible for the same.

10. Any kind of teasing or misbehavior by the BA with any other person not acceptable.

11. It is not acceptable to do business in the name of BA or his family member in any other direct selling company other than The Team Venus.

12. These Code of Ethics have been developed by The Team Venus for developing and running The Team Venus business successfully.

13. The Team Venus encourages to all BAs to follow the rules of these Code of Ethics and expects from each BA that he/she will follow the rules of Code of Ethics with fully devotion and honesty and integrity and will also motivate his/her team to do the same.

14. BA is not an agent, employee, partner or legal representative of company. BA works as an Independent Direct Seller.

19. When giving information about The Team Venus to a person, the BA must take care of the following:-  

1. You must keep your ID with you, downloaded from your login ID.

2. You will have to provide complete and accurate information about Business, products, business plans and other services, when giving business information & details to others.

3. You will have to give detailed information to the prospective customer about company’s Products, Prices, Products Return Policy, Billing Policy, Terms of Payments, After Sales Services and ways of Settlement of Complaints.

4. The BA will have to share his name, address, ID number and have to tell his/her Identification and Phone Number without request of the prospective customer.

20. Reasons of Termination of the ID (Works against Code of Ethics)-

1. You must keep your ID with you, downloaded from your login ID.

2. Any changing in the Joining Form of someone, to put pressure on the team to achieve your level or level of any other BA in your team, forcing someone to sell products or to put sale of other BAs on your own ID, is against the Code of Ethics.

3. The Team Venus believes in humanity and considers the whole world as one family, therefore hurting emotions and sentiments of any person with any political, religious, caste-based comments is against the Code of Ethics.

4. It is against the Code of Ethics to make negative any BA from another team or to tempt him to join with another person/team.

5. It is against the Code of Ethics to misuses Printed/Published Material, Sign or Mark of The Team Venus. The copyrights of all the Printing Materials, Signs, Logos, Slogans and Marks are reserved by the Company.

6. Appropriate action will be taken against the BA in case he/she fails to comply with the Code of Ethics of The Team Venus, under which the ID of BA can be canceled and the loss will be compensated from the guilty BA.

7. The Team Venus will cease all the rights of the BA after cancelation/termination of his/her ID. After cancellation/termination of any ID, the income from Business will be stopped and his/her team will be rolled up to her/his sponsor/up line. Company will not be responsible for any kind of loses due to the cancelation/termination of ID of a BA. BA will be solely responsible for all the losses.

8. The Team Venus has the sole right to change the Products, Price and Business Volume, Business Plan and Code of Ethics as per requirement at any time without any prior notice. The information of such changes will be published on company’s website.